(SALE) One Way to Immortalize Your Pet Friend


Hello, blog fiends!! It’s been so long that I don’t remember what I even blogged about last! I thought now was a good time as any to make my return because of this special announcement regarding my pet portraits.

There are definitely some different ways to immortalize your pet friend, one being taxidermy, which seems, frankly, disturbing. A pet portrait is a perfect way to have your pet creatively expressed and kept while you hang it in your humble abode.

The beautiful news for you then is… my custom pet portraits are only $50 a piece right now! If you refer a friend, you will receive an extra 10% OFF!!

You can start your order online on my Storenvy site, or contact me for further information or questions.

Your’s truly,

Hannah Bingham

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Support Kyle Adem’s new EP: Beautiful Dreamer

Get awesome rewards when you support Kyle Adem’s new EP. I painted the album cover!



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another album cover: beautiful dreamer by kyle adem

I painted the cover for Kyle Adem‘s new EP, “Beautiful Dreamer”. You can catch a glimpse of his EP and the cover here!

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my wedding hair

My friend Elisa did my hair for my wedding. I kind of told her what I wanted, from photos I had found on Pinterest and a little drawing that I did based on a conglomeration of my favorite Pinterest hairstyles. A week before the wedding I tried it out on myself thinking that I would just do my own hair since I know how to braid and didn’t want to hire anyone to do it. But the day of my wedding my friend Elisa rose to the occasion and did my hair totally from her imagination and it was better than I could have imagined.

Photo Credit: SweetPepper Photography





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I have a website now and I wanted to invite all of you to check it out! My portfolio is there, as well as a bio, contact info and a place to sign up for my mailing list!

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May 16, 2014 · 3:31 pm